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Exclusive Feature--Corporate Apparel Stores

For most dealers and decorators, expanding into new channels will be vital to their success--even survival--as the industry continues to transform. More and more providers are turning to the Corporate Apparel market to offer their skills and services. This is a very wise idea.

Teamuniformorders.com (TUO) is the only e-commerce solution that offers a variety of store types (different stores for different purposes) so users can choose the right store for the right occasion. In fact, in 2018 TUO launched a brand new store type that was built from the ground up to work perfectly for Corporate Apparel.

For those that are not clear, Corporate Apparel is geared towards companies of all shapes and sizes that offer branded / decorated apparel and promotional items to their employees / clients / constituencies with whom they work. Think about your local car dealership and ask yourself...who is supplying the shirts the sales reps and management team wear? Or a restaurant chain? Insurance company? Healthcare company? You get the idea.

The TUO Corporate Apparel Store Type enables TUO users to offer a unique, exclusive service to the companies in your area. Here are just a few of the features of this Store Type:

  • Each employee can receive a personal invitation to log into the online store to shop;

  • Each employee can be given a certain amount of money to spend in the store. This is the perfect solution for Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs;

  • You can even group employees together (by location for example) and offer a different mix of products for each group;

  • Your client has access to their own dashboard where they can view orders in "real-time," add or delete employees, and can even change the monetary allotment given to each employee.

Be aware that the Corporate Apparel Store type is activated upon request. If you are interested to LEARN MORE about this new Store Type, please drop us a line and we will set up a session to review this powerful new store type with you and your team.


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