Teamuniformorders (TUO) was founded in 2008. The original idea was to help one large soccer dealer fix the disorganization and waste (administrative and monetary) that was too often associated with ordering uniforms, gear and apparel for the large soccer clubs they served. This after experiencing literal chaos the previous season. The initial plan was to figure out how to utilize the best technology has to offer in an attempt to automate the entirety of the ordering process for everyone involved. Truth? At first, it failed. But after several tries and many hard lessons learned, the basic foundation for what was to become the most advanced, automated, roster-driven ordering system in the industry was finally born.


Eleven years later (and numerous changes along the way, especially the technology) TUO has evolved to become THE dominant automated ordering solution for large, complex group ordering. In fact, from the first client in 2008 to over 1,500 in North America today, TUO has grown organically (without the aid of any outside investors) from pure perseverance and an insistence on working "on the front line" every day to hone a solution that works! Of course, having A LOT of technical expertise was, and continues to be, the key. 

This BLOG is dedicated to sharing the insights, knowledge, BEST PRACTICES and general wisdom from being a key disruptor / innovator working in true partnership with EVERY Dealer client we serve. You can expect honesty and truth in everything here. TRUTH is the ONLY way to navigate great change.

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The speed of change will only increase. There are (and will be) winners and losers. What are the factors that drive success? What new PRINCIPLES and BEST PRACTICES are emerging to help you stay competitive? One thing is certain--the road ahead will not be easy, and you will NOT be able to navigate it alone.  Many will lose out as the advancements continue. So why bother? One reason might be...this industry is competitive. Like sports itself, competition brings out the best in everyone. So if you have a passion to compete and WIN, the years ahead will be the best playing field to do just that. 


So here the TUO Team will share what we know. Our vantage point comes from working with close to 2,000 dealers and providers in North America, so we've truly seen it all.  Here we capture and share what we've seen work and, just as importantly, what we've seen that has not worked. We will say it like it is so you can learn from others.

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